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hurricane harvey

Staying Safe During Tropical Storm Harvey

Regroup Mass Notification, industry-leading provider of emergency and day-to-day mass alerts, today announced that its powerful communication platform will be used to help keep Texas residents safe and updated in the event a major hurricane strikes this weekend.

Tropical Storm Harvey could develop into a hurricane as early as Friday and is expected to make landfall on Friday evening in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Residents who enrolled to receive Regroup’s automated severe weather notifications will be alerted with up-to-date information regarding important safety measures, evacuation orders and immediate dangers. Alerts will be successfully delivered even when power lines are down due to Regroup’s redundant, cloud-based platform.

“As a Texas resident myself, I understand the importance of swift communication in the face of potentially severe weather conditions,” states Regroup’s COO, Chris Utah. “Our clients and my fellow Texans can rest assured that Regroup’s team will be on deck to provide 24/7 support throughout this event and any others that follow.”

In addition to their standard support, Regroup has made available to the public a comprehensive guide with valuable information to help organizations be prepared for what may come. The 2017 Hurricane Preparedness Guide provides insights as well as viable methods for enhancing emergency communications to facilitate a more effective response that can, in turn, save lives.